Great Solutions For Adding CBD To Your Cannabis Vaping Lifestyle

At Vape Night Amsterdam, (hosted by Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café & sponsored by VapoShop) we get a lot of visitors from various countries that are interested in vaping CBD in one form or another.
Recently, we enjoyed time with a U.S. couple in their 50’s, wondering about vaporising CBD rather than smoking. So we decided to get to know the best vapes for doing just that.
On multiple occasions, CBDirective has co-sponsored our evening, by providing a variety of their herbal supplements for us try and share at Vape Night with our guests.
Here’s what we came up with for our curious couple:

CBD Hemp in a ‘dry herb’ vaporiser (additives optional)

The CBHerb™ from CBDirective is a CBD-dominant, organic raw hemp supplement. This is different from CBD cannabis buds which can look identical to cannabis. This resembles a loose leaf tea or green leaf spice for your salads.
It has a nice, light flavour producing a light vapour. Vaporising CBHerb™ hemp is subtle to the eye and works well in a vaporiser.

CBD Extracts & CBD Hemp in a ‘concentrate’ vaporiser

We then added some CBCrystal™ with natural terpenes, to a fresh bowl on the same device. This made a huge difference! The added crystal created large thick clouds of vapour with an incredibly intense and delightful flavour.
We are big fans of how CBD makes us feel and this really hits the spot.

CBD Extracts (alone) in a ‘concentrate’ vaporiser

Next, we explored how this crystallised CBD extract would react when vaporised on its own. We chose the Focus V Carter. It is a great email style rig for concentrates and oils.
We added a small amount of CBCrystal™ to the atomiser, placed the carb cap and started it up.
Clearly, visible vapour wisps were leaking out of the carb cap, showing us it was almost to temperature, before the Carter’s buzzer told us it was ready to rock.
The draw from these CBD crystals was amazing. The Carter has a great airflow system which felt like a dab. The thick, dense vapour and apparent feel of it in the lungs was very different to the slow & steady approach of De Verdamper with dried herb.
Quite intense in fact.
At Vape Night, we’ve supported many people using CBD extracts, such as CBCrystal™, by adding it to their other extracts, thus enhancing their overall dabbing experience.
They do this with both traditional style rigs and units like the Focus V Carter, which we love at Vape Night Amsterdam.
We confirm the science that vaping CBD is a very effective & efficient method of delivery.
At Vape Night Amsterdam, we wholeheartedly promote vaping, as opposed to smoking, for its purity, lack of additives & thinners and overall health benefits! 😉
Heres to happy vaping everyone!
See you every Thursday, 19-22:00 at Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café, Singel 8, Amsterdam.
Vape Night Amsterdam

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